Dealing with leaks shouldn’t be frustrating

But for a lot of building owners and property managers it is.

Our job is to change that.


Leak repairs

Crimson sets itself apart by offering permanent leak repairs. This means we guarantee our work for 5 years and most of our materials have warranties that will out last your current roof system!

We offer:

-24 hour emergency leak repair service

-24 hour emergency interior remediation

-State-of-the-art materials

-Superior craftsmanship

-Co-op membership



Roof restoration is a cost effective alternative to a complete replacement. A coating can mean as much as a 70% cost savings over a conventional replacement.

Benefits of a roof restoration:

-Increased reflective value reduces operating costs for your building

-Similar warranties when compared to a replacement roof

-Sustainable roof means the only component you have to add more of is the wear surface every 20-25 years